Discouraged and encouraged, and then encouraged some more

Hello! I am feeling pretty good today. I am bruised from moving the freezer, but I am not really sore. I thought for sure I would be unable to move today after spending a few hours yesterday pushing and pulling a 50-million ton freezer. My knees, though, seem to have suffered the brunt of the bruising. But thanks to exercising, I am doing well today!

I have been feeling discouraged lately because I seem to be stuck on another weight loss plateau. I thought that all that crazy exercise yesterday would have knocked off at least one pound, but nope. Weight loss is such a difficult thing for many reasons, and one of them is that I can’t really see any difference. If I were watching me as someone else, I would probably notice a difference. But because I see me every moment of every day, I am having a difficult time seeing a change.

I feel the change, though. I feel it in not getting winded at everything I do anything. I feel it in not having blood pressure spikes. I feel it in still having energy even after doing an arduous chore. I feel it in not being as tired or as fatigued.

But, though I still can’t really see it, I did get proof today that I must be actually losing weight. (Maybe it’s slow because I’m building muscle too? I hope so.) After moving the freezer yesterday, I now have access to my closet. Most of what is in there is winter stuff. But I do have several pairs of jeans that I had been storing in there because they didn’t fit. Well, they fit now! So, I have lost one pant size.

I can now fit into one specific pair of pants that I have had for probably 20 years. Why do I still have these? Well, first off, they’re green. I don’t actually wear them much because finding a matching shirt is difficult sometimes. But the real reason is that I spent $30 on them, and back then, that was about $10 more than what I would allow myself to spend on pants.

Anybody else have clothes they’ve kept for decades and still wear? I think the oldest clothes I have are two pairs of shorts and two tank tops from high school that I still wear as PJs. As for clothes I would actually wear in public, I have several shirts that I’ve had since college (so, almost 20 years). But I suppose the oldest shirt I have is decades old. It was purchased at a vintage store.

Here are the green pants and decades-old shirt. And the hat was my Pop-Pop’s.

So, what I said earlier? I guess after trying on the shirt and pants and taking this photo, I can see it! It’s still difficult to see from day to day, but I sure do look better than I did at the beginning of the year!

Me about a year ago. A cow petting a cow. I can say that because I’m making fun of myself.

Wow, looking at the above photo and the one I took today. Yep, OK, I can see a difference. I have made progress from the beginning of this post to the end of it.

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